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'down the Plains'

'down the Plains'

Rhea Cote Robbins' Interviews:

Rhea Cote Robbins reading from her memoir, 'down the Plains.'

Chapter 16
"Other Means of Fire" 4:05
Chapter 26
"Slicking Up" 3:59

'down the Plains'
A Franco-American memoir, 2nd Installment in trilogy
by Rhea Côté Robbins
# Paperback: 194 pages
# Publisher: Rheta Press (June 25, 2013)
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 0615841104
# ISBN-13: 978-0615841106
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Wednesday's Child

A Franco-American memoir, 1st Installment in trilogy
by Rhea Côté Robbins

Winner of the Maine Chapbook Award!
This is the story of a neighborhood and beyond.

This is the story of a woman who lived the life of the mill town and its inhabitants.
This is the true story of that town and its people told from her experiences of them.

A creative nonfiction memoir about
growing up and living Franco-American.
The story of a culture in Maine and beyond.
Used as a textbook in many college classrooms for:
cultural, women's, sociology, English, French, 
writing and other studies.
Read an excerpt from Wednesday's Child

Wednesday's Child listed in the
Literary Map of Maine!

Franco-American Women's Words in Maine, Rhea Cote Robbins
Maine Humanities Council
Maine Festival of the Book
Portland, Maine

<>EmpoweringWomenTV, Maine Authors interview with author
Rhea Cote Robbins

Now in its 5th printing!

Wednesday's Child
is included in the 
Who's Who of American Women, 2000-present
Terry Plunkett Maine Writers Collection, University of Maine at Augusta
Maine Women Writers Collection, Abplanalp Library, Westbrook College
Yale Collection of American Literature, Yale University
New York Public Library
Maine Arts Commission Directory


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Wednesday's Child
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Paperback: 96 pages
Publisher: Rheta Press (January 16, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0966853644
ISBN-13: 978-0966853643

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Canuck and Other Stories

*see review of Canuck and Other Stories below

Translations in French Available, see below
Canuck et d'Autres Histoires, French Language Edition

Canuck and Other Stories

Rhea Côté Robbins, Editor

Canuck, by Camille Lessard Bissonnette, (1883-1970), 
translated by Sue Huseman, Ph.D. and Sylvie Charron, Ph.D.
is a book which reflects the French Canadian immigration 
experience from a young woman's point of view. 
The protagonist, Vic, is a very modern young
woman who sets out to accomplish 
many things in her new country, the U.S. 

La Jeune Franco-Américaine, The Young Franco-American
by Alberte Gastonguay, (1906-1978), 
translated by Madeleine C. Paré Roy,
is a study of the life of a young woman 
who is seeking her way in the world. 
She meets many suitors and comes to the
conclusion of a satisfactory ending 
in the ways of traditional culture. 

Françaises d'Amérique, Frenchwomen of North America
by Corinne Rocheleau Rouleau, (1881-1963), 
translated by Jeannine Bacon Roy,
is a one act play which features the heroines 
who helped settle New France. 
This play proves their presence 
on the North American continent 
and is as fresh today as the day it was first presented.
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Canuck and Other Stories
Rheta Press
Paperback: 290 pages 
Language: English 
ISBN: 0966853628 
List Price: $18.99

Camille Lessard-Bissonnette (1883-1970), the author of Canuck, emigrated from Quebec to Lewiston with her family in 1904 at the age of twenty. Although she left that city a few years later and subsequently resided in various parts of Canada and the United States--she died at Long Beach, California--she never forgot her experiences working in a textile mill in Lewiston for four years before finding employment as a feature writer for Le Messager, the local French-language newspaper.  Her novel, which appeared in 1936, is set in Lowell, Massachusetts, in 1900, but she drew heavily upon her experiences in Lewiston.  A...well structured story that grips the reader.  Canuck is probably the most important novel in French, now translated, by a Franco-American writer.

A more specialized study of Franco-American novels of the 1930s found they were not devoid of interest, particularly as they shed light on contemporary attitudes and values.  Alberte Gastonguay-Sasseville (1906-1978), the daughter of a prosperous insurance agent in Lewiston, Maine, published La Jeune Franco-Américaine in 1933.  The novel tells of a young woman's struggle to remain faithful to her Catholic and Franco-American upbringing despite the lures of modern life (e.g., the blandishments of a divorced man, the amorous advances of her employer, the bad example of a girlfriend who leads a life of debauchery). 

Comments from:
"The French-Canadian Heritage in New England" by Gerard J. Brault

"Frenchwomen of North America," by Corinne Rocheleau Rouleau, a one-act play commissioned in 1915....In the preface of "French Women of North America," translated by Jeannine Bacon Roy, Corinne Rocheleau in 1915 writes, "We have often discussed the major feats and accomplishments of the French colonists, but we have left their "better halves" in semi-darkness. I believe it is time to introduce these Frenchwomen pioneers. The centuries have practically erased all traces of their footsteps on American soil."
more on Corinne:

Franco-American Women's Literary Tradition: A Central Piece in the Region's Literary Mosaic 

Written and Presented by Rhea Côté Robbins
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*Review of the anthology:
Anthology of French stories resurrects three women writers and their Franco-American heritage

Monday, May 14, 2007 - Bangor Daily News
By Melissa MacCrae, BDN Staff
Bangor Daily News
at this link:

Canuck and Other Stories
By Camille Lessard Bissonette, Corinne Rocheleau Rouleau, and Alberte Gastonguay
Translated by Sue Huseman, Ph.D., Sylvie Charrron, Ph.D., Jeannine Bacon Roy, and Madeleine C. Paré Roy
Edited by Rhea Côté Robbins, 2006
Reviewed by Tanya Avakian
at Cabinet des Fées

Canuck et d'Autres Histoires, French Language Edition
Edited by Rhea Côté Robbins
Transcribed by Bridget T. Robbins

Cover art Canuck et d'Autres Histoires


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L'enfant du jeudi doit faire long chemin,
L'enfant du vendredi a l'âme pure,
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